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hi there!  if you’re new here, welcome.  I’m Lindsay, wife + momma + maker.  and this is my little space where I share glimpses of our story.  today I’m sharing my contribution to imagine gnats’ sewbiking diy projects :: adding cycling pockets to a technical (workout) shirt/tank.

1. you can use an existing shirt and then cut out the pocket material from another technical shirt that either has holes, arm pit stains, doesn’t fit, etc.

2. you can use an existing shirt and then cut out the pocket material from 4-way stretch jersey fabric.

3. you can purchase clearance shirts  <– {this is what I did}

since I had recently purged my cycling/running gear, I was fresh out of any “older than dirt” shirts that I would want to cut up.  however, I noticed the following two shirts on a $5 clearance rack and snatched them right up.  perfect.  I purchased a small and a medium.  the small to wear and the medium to cut the pocket from.


next let’s gather the remainder of our supplies.  you will need the following::

– disappearing ink pen, water soluble pen or fabric chalk

– ruler or a straight edge

– scissors / rotary cutter

– 3/4″ wide elastic (length is dependent on the width of your pockets)

– coordinating thread

– ballpoint needle(s) (for serging and sewing with stretch fabrics)

– pattern paper (optional, you could mark your pocket rectangle directly onto the pocket fabric and cut it out)

all seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated

step one ::

turn the main shirt over and measure where you want your pockets.  I wanted my pockets to take up most of the back of my shirt and to stop about 1″ above the bottom edge of my shirt.  knowing that my seam allowances were 1/2″ on the sides and bottom of the pocket and that I would need an extra 3/4″ at the top for my elastic casing, I cut a rectangle 8″x14″ out of pattern paper.


step two ::

cut out the pocket piece.  {it is hard to tell in my photos since I used two of the same shirts, but make sure you’re cutting the pocket piece out of the “scrap” fabric/shirt.}  I just cut up the side seam of the extra shirt so that it would lay flat and I could cut through only one layer of the shirt for my pocket piece. you will notice that I used the finished edge of the shirt to form the bottom edge of my pocket piece – if you are able to do the same then it will save you some time when you go to attach your pocket later.  if not, no big deal, just cut your pocket however you can and I’ll explain two sewing options later.


step three ::

using your fabric pen of choice, mark the 1/2″ seam allowances on the sides (and on the bottom if you were unable to use the finished edge of the shirt to form the bottom edge of your pocket) and mark the center seam on your pocket piece.  I chose to only do two pockets, but you can do as many as you would like.  if you want more than two, then just find the equidistance between the points and draw as many dividing lines as you would like pockets.


step four ::

now we’re going to figure out the length of your elastic piece.  and you’ll need to do a touch of math.  you’ll need your elastic piece to be 3/8″ shorter than the length from side seam allowance to side seam allowance.  so here’s how I figured mine :: my pocket width is 14″ and I have a 1/2′ seam allowance on both sides, resulting in 13″ from side seam allowance to side seam allowance.  I then subtracted 3/8″ from 13″ which resulted in an elastic piece that was 12 5/8″ long.  once you’ve figured your elastic length, pin it on each end at the top of the wrong side of the pocket piece, just inside the seam allowance markings.  then you need to find the center of the pocket and the center of the elastic and pin there as well.  there should be a bit of buckling since the elastic is shorter than the fabric piece.  see below.


step five ::

using a serger (or a stretch stitch or large zigzag stich) sew the top edge of the pocket, catching the elastic and stretching the elastic between the pinned points slightly as you go.


step six ::

fold the elastic over toward wrong side again and pin.


step seven ::

using a stretch stich (see image below) or a zigzag stitch, stitch again, being mindful to catch the elastic in the stitches.



step eight ::

now let’s attach that baby to the shirt!  and here’s where I’ll share two different sewing options.  be sure to catch only the back of the shirt while pinning and sewing… if not, you’ll sew your shirt shut!!

if you were able to use the finished edge of the “scrap” shirt to form the bottom edge of your pocket (like I was), then place the pocket centered on the shirt about one inch from the bottom.  pin across the bottom edge of the pocket.  then fold under the 1/2″ side seam allowances and pin down both sides.  proceed to step nine.



if you weren’t able to use the finished edge of the “scrap” shirt to form the bottom edge of your pocket then place the pocket upside down, RTS (right sides together) about 1 1/2″ above the bottom of the shirt.  pin in place being careful to fold in the 1/2″ side seam allowance prior to stitching.  stich with 1/2″ seam allowance using a stretch stitch or zigzag stitch. (see below :: I’m using the same pocket for this illustration but your pocket shouldn’t have a finished edge like the photo below shows)


next, flip the pocket up into position.  fold under the 1/2″ side seam allowances and pin the entire length.


step nine ::

edge stich down the sides and across the bottom using a stretch stitch or small zigzag stitch.



step ten::

pin the center seam of the pocket (or multiple seams if you’re doing more than two pockets) in place and stich using a stretch stitch or small zigzag stitch.


woohoo!  you’re all done!  now fill those pockets with your favorite nutrition, a cell phone and car keys and get those wheels rolling!!  happy cycling :)




FPIES diagnosis.

well cadence was diagnosed with FPIES today.  and i can’t say i am the least bit surprised.  dr. bird is a gem and put adam and i at ease.  he however completely disappointed adalyn who was fully convinced that we would be meeting cadence’s new allergist who was a bird.  when he came in, she kept asking who the man was and where was the dr. bird?!?

he discussed recent studies regarding FPIES and feels confident that we can navigate this new territory wisely and with minimal reactions.  i’m hoping he’s right.  i had done my ‘research’ on FPIES (read :: looked at too many forums and pages and got myself completely freaked out) – so i knew the basics of the food allergy.  we know that there are no tests for FPIES and that in order to find her safe foods we just have to start food trials.   he wrote us a prescription for zofran to administer in the event that we have another reaction.  he also informed us that any and all FPIES reactions need medical attention.  so if she has another reaction we are not to “wait it out at home” – we are to go to the ER for IV fluids and possibly steroids and bring a letter from their office stating the treatment that cadence needs because FPIES is so rare that most ER doctors won’t know what they’re looking at.  after dr. bird evaluated cadence, he introduced us to his dietitian, april.

april basically held my hand and gave me copious amounts of information to leave me as prepared as possible to start down this road of food-trialing.  i told her i was scared.  she completely understands my fear and empathized and reminded me that we have a dx and a plan.  we can do this.

so here’s our plan ::

we are to strictly avoid the common FPIES triggers.  the thing with FPIES is that it is very individualized.  so april kept reminding me that these are all educated guesses but that the parents/kids that stick to these recommendations usually have minimal to no reactions.  here’s hoping that’s true for us too.  our avoidance list includes ::  milk, soy, all grains (except two), all high-risk veggies (sweet potato, squash, tomato, carrot and string beans) and all high risk fruits (obviously avocado which is our one known trigger, banana, kiwi and orange).  we are to start with the non-avoidance fruits and veggies first, trialing each of them for 4 days before moving onto a new food.  each “pass” food in a certain protein category will typically mean that she will have safes in the rest of that category.  so if she passes strawberries then she is likely to pass blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.  after we have moved through several fruits and veggies and cadence is handling textures well, we are to try millet and quinoa.  those two “grains” are typically safe for FPIES kids and since a lot of FPIES kids are allergic to rice, oats and wheat, Dr. Bird wants to wait a while for those trials.  that means that by cadence’s first birthday she won’t have any safe grains except possibly millet and quinoa… which makes a birthday cake kinda tough.  april did mention that coconut flour is usually a pass for most FPIES kids, but the grain-free cakes usually need TONS of eggs for binding (like 5+ eggs) and adalyn is allergic to eggs.  so there’s that.  i’m thinking we’ll just skip the first birthday cake this year.  after the quinoa/millet trials, we are to trial corn.  and at any point after veggies/fruits we are also allowed to trial grass-fed beef.  if she passes beef then we might be able to move to more meats but we’ll just play it by ear.  lots of FPIES kids are allergic to chicken so that’s their fear on moving too quickly with meats.

when it becomes time to trial some of the main offenders, we will perform those as in-office trials.  it would be an all day event and we would be under medical supervision the entire time.  we are currently scheduled to follow-up in 6 months and possibly do a skin prick test at that time to make sure that on top of FPIES that cadence doesn’t also have IgE-mediated allergies like adalyn.  hopefully she doesn’t.  for now we are avoiding the main IgE allergies anyway (milk, soy, peanut, egg).

for those of you who checked in with us today, thanks.  i’ll try my best to update here so that if you’re interested you can follow along in our FPIES journey.  first trial food for cadence is apple and we’ve decided to start her new food trials on thursdays.  so tomorrow is day one of this food challenge experience, prayers greatly appreciated.


food allergy update.

so we have our appointment scheduled for august 20th for cadie-coo to be seen by the allergist that specializes in FPIES.  I have gathered a binder of information and have been lurking around a private FPIES page on facebook, listening to other momma’s stories.  I am inspired by the hopeful posts… and terrified by most of the rest.  I know to take it all with a grain of salt because most times the over-the-top cases are all that share on social media forums.  I’m reading, absorbing and will go to see Dr. Bird with an open mind.

in the meantime, she is strictly breastfed.  I will not attempt any foods until I have some direction from the allergist and his nutritionist.  and then we will proceed slowly.  very slowly.

we have a healthy, happy, beautiful baby… who possibly has a rare food allergy.  but it could be worse.  so much worse.  and for that, we are blessed.

lindsay denice



the gut knows.

I’m blogging to record our journey. the start of a potentially new (somewhat scary) story. I’m not jumping to conclusions and until a MD give us a clear diagnosis, I’m still hopeful it was just a “spell”. my momma-gut says different. my momma-gut knows.

baby cadence turned six months old a few weeks back. she has been eyeing food/drink for over a month and I just knew she was ready for big girl food. so we started solids just the same as we did with her sister – first up was avocado. she did great. and like any “good” momma I planned to give each food for the standard three day trial prior to moving onto a new food. however by the third day of avocado the container in the fridge had turned too brown for my liking and I tossed it out. we skipped solids that day. the next day was onto banana – again she did well but did have a bit of gas and seemed to have a slightly upset tummy (disrupted sleep). after three days of banana we gave apple a try. it was a bit tart, but she love it. no tummy issues to write home about.

I’m honestly really lax about my solid food schedule.  some days I remember to feed them, some days I don’t.  I didn’t even start solids until 7.5 months with adalyn and she’s a great eater so I’m not terribly concerned that being slightly sketchy about my feeding schedule is harming my children.

so this past weekend I had planned to give cadence some sweet peas.  I had the bag of organic frozen peas in the freezer but by the time I remembered to feed her solids (see above paragraph), it was too late to wait for them to cook and cool.  so I grabbed an avocado and decided she could just have that again.  they’re safe and super good for you – it’s a win, win.

or so I thought.

instead of blending it with water in the baby bullet like I had the first two times, I just cut out about 1/5 of the avocado and mashed it well with a fork.  she lapped it up, grunting and smiling.  timestamp 7:00pm.

it was later than normal (fourth of july festivities) so we headed off to bathe and get ready for bed.  she nursed prior to going down and was a bit fussy at the breast.  nothing too out of the ordinary – because I’m a runner my supply dips in the PM after I workout – so I honestly thought nothing of it.  she had been asleep a couple of hours and I had been working on the computer when adam brought me the baby monitor and said he was headed to shower but that cadence had rolled out of the view of the camera and he had heard her coughing.  it was her first night unswaddled in her crib and I was a bit concerned she was up against the bumper so I had him check on her on his way to the shower.  moments later he came down the hall saying she’d thrown up and he needed help.

timestamp 10:30pm.

sure enough there was a large area of avocado vomit in her crib and she was quite lethargic and oddly quiet.  I picked her up, got her cleaned up, new sheets and rocked her for a bit.  she didn’t need help falling asleep because she appeared completely exhausted.  we decided that maybe the avocado was too thick or that she had a gas bubble and that’s why she got sick.  I laid her back down, took the monitor and adam headed toward the shower.

I hadn’t been sitting down for 5 minutes when I heard her coughing again and looked on the monitor to see another large stain on the sheets.  I ran down the hall, flipped on the light and found her gagging and vomiting.  repeatedly.  she was limp and lethargic, cold and clammy and white as a sheet.

at this point I wasn’t convinced it was due to thick avocado.  something was wrong.

I cleaned her up again but this time I wasn’t laying her down.  I brought her to my bed and she laid limp on my chest while adam quickly hopped into the shower.  as he got out she was vomiting again.  this time the avocado was gone and it was basically mucus and bile.  poor baby would go completely limp on my hand after each time she got sick.

I immediately called my Pedi’s office and got the on-call nurse.  of course she thought “stomach bug”.  but no one in our family is sick. we aren’t around anyone who has been sick.  my kids don’t go to daycare.  cadence never once ran fever.  but maybe it was a fluke bug?  ok.

the nurse told me what to look for regarding dehydration and before we could hang up, cadence was throwing up again.  fourth time.  timestamp 11:15pm.  she proceeded to vomit twice more with the final time at 12:37pm.  at which point she fell sound asleep on my chest.  she never once ran fever – it was actually 97-98 degrees the entire time.

by this point I was googling – like a crazy woman.  my gut said something was wrong but this didn’t look like the food allergies I know about.  adalyn has IgE-mediate food allergies to dairy, peanut and egg.  when she has a reaction it is within minutes.  it presents with hives, swelling, runny eyes/nose, labored breathing, vomiting, etc.

cadence had no hives.  no swelling or itching.  and she hadn’t eaten in 3 hours.

that’s when I stumbled upon FPIES.  five little letters that could totally change our world again.

FPIES stands for Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome.  FPIES is a rare, Non-IgE mediated food allergy.  since it is Non-IgE it does not present like “normal” food allergies (the way adalyn’s do).  it is a type of food allergy affecting the gastrointestinal tract.  classic pattern of a FPIES reaction following the ingestion of a trigger food is the delayed onset (2-3 hours or more) of dramatic symptoms, including severe and repetitive vomiting possibly leading to sepsis-like shock, followed by hunger and eventually diarrhea.  any food protein can trigger an FPIES reaction, some children may react to 1-2 food whereas others may experience reactions to multiple foods.  the most common FPIES triggers are milk, soy, rice and oats.

in exclusively breastfed babies – especially when the mother strictly avoids dairy in her diet – (like in cadence’s case) FPIES typically only shows up when first foods are offered.  and unlike IgE-mediated allergies, there is no test for FPIES.  trigger foods are only found by performing calculated “food challenges” where the child is given VERY small doses of a particular food for consecutive days (a week or longer) to see if they pass the challenge.

but i only found one study commenting on a FPIES reaction to avocado.  and at this point cadence was still asleep and i didn’t know if she’d wake hungry (like the FPIES symptoms) or if she’d refuse food (which would make me think stomach bug).  and then there was the other FPIES symptom of diarrhea 8 hours or so after the episode.  so basically i waited to see how the evening wee hours of the morning would play out.  i knew she needed to eat or drink before too long or we risked dehydration.

at 3:20am she woke up starving.  she nursed both sides (and i was very full because she missed her midnight feeding).  she fell back asleep and slept soundly until 5:30am when she woke to nurse again.

and then… just like clockwork, at 7am she woke with a huge diarrhea diaper.

and again my momma-gut spoke up.  it’s not a stomach bug.

so i have since reached out to another FPIES momma (in DFW) that i found on the FPIES foundation forum.  i needed to talk to another momma to help guide me and to bounce my thoughts off of.  we spoke yesterday on the phone and she’s just a gem and would you believe that her son has had his two worst FPIES reactions to… wait for it… avocado and banana.

so for now we have stopped all solids for cadence.  i have a call into my pediatrician to get a referral to Dr. Bird’s office at Children’s Hospital.  He is a leading researcher in FPIES and has a new food allergy clinic at Children’s where he works alongside a dietician to manage his cases.  I’m thankful we’re still in this city and hopeful that with his guidance we can minimize the reactions and identify her trigger foods with minimal illness.

if ever there was a time i wished for a stomach bug, it is now.  but it just doesn’t look that way.  and with a family history of IgE-mediated allergies, it kinda seems par for the course.  I’ll keep you posted as we navigate this new terrain.  we covet your prayers.  thanks for reading, friends.

cadie coo



hi there.  it’s been a while.  I finally have a moment of quiet.  I can only hear the rushing of the air conditioner and the pitter-patter of the keyboard under my fingertips.  I can smell the soy chai tea latte on my desk and have nowhere to be or nothing to do until it is completely consumed.  the last drop – still warm.

so there’s that title up there :: restless.  I tried to find another title because jennie allen has already laid claim to that title.  but honestly I couldn’t.  there’s not a better description for my heart and mind right now.

I haven’t been good at updating regarding adam’s job search… because honestly there is not much to update.  we’re still actively searching and praying about the possibility of church-planting but the Lord is telling us to be still.  so we’re obeying.  that obedience isn’t always pretty.  sometimes I raise my voice.  often I share my fears and shed tears.  sometimes I let pride and selfishness flood over me like a wave.  and friends, it’s not a refreshing, cooling wave.  it’s a choking, sputtering, blinding wave.  I know those deep waters all too well.  it’s that part of me that I despise.  the selfish, ugly part of me.  the part that Christ is trying *so* desperately to kill and yet I keep resurrecting it.

in this stillness my prayer is that He would close every single door that leads us to someplace He doesn’t have planned.  and close it tight.  like deadbolt, 83 nails and prison bars tight.  I don’t want there to be a question.  I want only what He wants.  I want peace from this restlessness and I *know* that can only be found in His will.

currently we have a couple of slightly open doors.  I interviewed for a professor position that would allow us to move home closer to family and allow adam to be home with the girls and work on church planting. I will hear back regarding that position later this month.  honestly right now I don’t have a peace about that job.  one side of my brain says “Lindsay, it’s perfect, you’d get to share your knowledge, essentially make your own schedule, have summer/Christmas/spring break off and have benefits where adam didn’t have to work and could watch the girls.”  on the other side of my brain (see previous paragraph about selfishness) I hear “Lindsay, you love working only 3 days a week and you would hate working full-time and missing out on your babies.  You’ve been the breadwinner for a long time.  Plus, are we even sure we are called to church-plant?”  and so I’m desperately praying that the door be slammed shut if it’s not His will… because right now I’m completely torn.  adam was also offered a promotion at his current secular job which would keep us in dallas but allow us to put some money away for a house.  we also are still waiting to hear from a few churches regarding pastor positions.  but currently we’re just still.  restlessly still.

in this time of waiting and being still I have asked “why?” more times than I can recall.  what is He doing?  what am I supposed to be learning?  what is He preparing for us?  why are we here? and honestly He’s not done revealing those things.  but I do think I’m getting a glimpse of some of His purpose.  last night as I huffed in frustration on the way to my bedroom to comfort cadence for the fifth time since she’d gone to bed only 45 minutes prior, God said “this, this is why you’re waiting”.  I placed her paci and walked back to the living room searching for caffeine because that’s about all that’s keeping me moving these days and I proceeded to whine about how bad I wanted to sew or be creative but that I was so incredibly exhausted by 9pm when I finally get a moment that I don’t want to do anything but sit.  I whined about how I never have *me* time and how I’m sick of always sacrificing and how I have ideas and things I want to do now, right now … He repeated “this, this is why you’re waiting”.  and as I watched adam selflessly do the dishes without any prompting or complaint, a soft whisper reminded “this, this is why you’re waiting.”

you see I’m being told to be still because He’s changing me.  He’s changing my perspective.  He’s changing my selfishness.  He’s changing my “me” attitude.  He’s trying desperately to change my anger and temper.  He doesn’t want to watch me spit and sputter and choke on the wave of self that repeatedly washes over me.  and frankly, I’m kinda sick of it too.  He’s preparing me to be a patient, kind-tempered, selfless pastor’s wife.  not the pristine, perfectly poised and proper preacher’s wife that I have fabricated in my mind.  a role that I can’t fathom ever describing me.  but rather a pastor’s wife with a messy story, a humbled posture and smile that tells of a gracious, loving God.  every time I surrender to the selfless role of motherhood, He’s teaching me what it looks like to serve.  every time I choose joy over frustration with my children, He’s teaching me to love His church.  every time adam loves me though I’m unlovable, He’s showing me a glimpse of His forgiving grace.

and so here we are.  being still.  and while God is repeatedly telling me “not now”, I have to remember that “not now” doesn’t mean “never”.  He wants me to be in this place for this time and He has work to do.  work that can only be done if I’m tirelessly chasing babies, endlessly replacing pacis, choosing kind words and forgiveness when it’s not easy and dying to self again and again.  He has big plans for us.  I can feel it in my bones.  I know He is going to work through us to reach His church – but right now He just needs us to be right where we are.

restlessly still,
lindsay denice

refining fire.

Somedays all I want is an hour.
An hour during daylight. Not at 10 at night when I’m so physically exhausted that I put the chips away in the refrigerator.
An hour to just do something that I want to do. Without being pulled on, called, spit on, sat on or laid on.
I remind myself constantly that the days are long but the years are short.  one day the house will be much too quiet.
Still I forget.
I clinch my teeth. I raise my voice. I’m too rough. I fail.
Then I cry and ask forgiveness. Usually only to fail again.
It’s hard not to take it personal when the toddler refuses to nap without being rocked and the baby will only sleep in 10 minute blocks (thank you horrid growth spurt). I’m running back and forth (with gritted teeth), no one’s sleeping and my jaw hurts.
When I finally find a quiet moment after two full hours of chaos (mind you the toddler is still awake and I’m typing this on my phone with a baby in my arms) I approach the throne with my head hung and my heart broken. Why would He continue to trust me to mother these babes?
I hope they quickly forget the times I fall short. I’m working on my patience,  selfish nature and kind words.
Gosh, motherhood is such a refining fire.

finally she sleeps… (17 minutes this time)
[photo from last week… it was too dark for my camera to focus today]


cadence’s birth story.


Seems I like to go into labor on Thursday evenings while Adam’s at Celebrate Recovery and have my babies in the wee hours of Friday morning.  Seems I also have impeccable timing with maternity leave estimations, too.  Odd.

However this labor process was nothing like my first.

I began having labor signs on Monday night. I’ll spare you all the specifics, just know things were happening. I was having contractions pretty regularly and would have bet money that I wouldn’t have made it through my last day of work on Thursday.  By Thursday night I was feeling steady contractions but Adam needed to lead worship at church so he headed out around 6:30pm and Adalyn and I headed to take an early bath. The bath seemed to calm my contractions a bit and once we were out I let Adalyn bounce on Grammie’s blowup mattress while I breathed through the pain in the recliner. Mom was on her way from Beaumont with an ETA of 9:30pm and Adam was planning to be home by 7:45pm. After Adam got home we put Adalyn to bed and confirmed that we probably needed to head to the hospital when  mom arrived. I had to have two doses of antibiotics for GBS in my system with four hours between the doses… which meant I shouldn’t labor too long at home. My contractions were around 4-5 minutes apart, lasting about 1 minute and I’d been watching them for over an hour.

The second mom walked in the front door, we walked out the back. I had already spoken to the on-call doctor and expressed my concerns from adalyn’s birth and how I wanted to be allowed to walk this time. She said she understood and would do her best. Having a natural unmedicated labor is tough enough, then being forced to endure the pain in bed in a completely unnatural position, well that’s just torture.

When we got to the hospital at 10pm they got me admitted and checked my cervix :: 4cm dilated and 75% effaced. They started my iv antibiotics and I met my nurse, Allie. Thank God for Allie. Sweet Allie who did everything in her power to make sure my bp readings were low and that I was allowed full reign of the room for walking. (Apparently I have pain-induced high bp… who knew?!?)  And the sweet charge nurse who got me a birthing ball.  Seriously these ladies were advocates of natural childbirth, they were hand-selected for me and such an answer to prayer. Allie never mentioned the “E” word, checked on me as minimally as possible and was an awesome cheerleader.

After Allie had set everything up, Adam mentioned that he noticed our nurse from Adalyn’s delivery at the front desk when we walked in. Allie left and a few minutes later she came back with Susan!  We had a quick chat and then she left to be with her patients.


At first I was concerned that we had gotten to the hospital too soon.  I was still talking through contractions until around midnight – and I had only progressed to a 5.  However due to the need for iv antibiotics, I couldn’t take the chance of progressing too far at home.  Thankfully labor and contractions picked up by midnight and I was at a 6 by 1:30am. I was connected to the iv pole so I basically walked figure-eights around the room pushing my iv pole all the way… for 6 hours.  I will never use the term “easy” to describe childbirth, but I can confirm that walking through a contraction feels MUCH better than laying down through one. Since I wasn’t able to get out of bed due to “high” bp with adalyn, I had no experience with a birthing ball. Turns out, they’re not really my thing. It was nice to bounce a bit between some contractions, but during the contraction it hurt like the dickens to be sitting on that booger! Just like with Adalyn, I wanted a quiet birthing room (no magic birthing playlists), no one touching me and no strong smells (no magic birthing incense for this chick).

The next couple hours got pretty intense. The transition period (7-8cm) is some of the most painful to endure. By 2:30am I knew I was in the thick of transition by the uncontrollable shaking and the pain/pressure.

My nurse came in at 3am to put me back on the belly monitors. I had to be monitored periodically out of precaution (hospital protocol) and I hated it. It limited my ability to walk far and it was just plain annoying.  But I didn’t complain because it sure beat laboring on my back.

By 3:20am that changed. I wanted them off. I was irritable, in pain and incredibly frustrated that I couldn’t move without running into wires, tables, etc and I couldn’t keep my eyes open because I was hurting. I had committed to memory how much room I had for the figure-eights so I could almost walk it with my eyes closed. But being on the monitors and the iv and bound to a four-foot area was more than my hurting, tired body could process. Adam called Allie.

And in sweet Allie-fashion the monitors were off in a New York minute. At 3:30am I asked her to check me : 8cm and almost fully effaced. I was doing it and I was almost there. I asked for a cool rag and started walking again.

The next couple of contractions were intense and I had a feeling it wouldn’t be long. Moments later, around 3:50 I had two contractions that basically brought me to my knees. I needed to push. Immediately. And Allie didn’t believe me. And honestly I didn’t blame her, she had JUST checked me and I was at an 8… How could I move to a 10 in three or four contractions? After that second awful contraction I needed onto the bed. I was crying and yelling that I needed to push but the stupid bed was too high and I couldn’t get in.  At that exact moment the doctor on call came into the room (she had just arrived to the hospital and barely made it) and said she was going to break my water and check me again. But I needed to push. And I made it known.

As the dr looked to break my water she yelled “um, she’s ready, baby’s head is right there, Lindsay you can push”. Not that I was waiting to be told to push… when you need to push you just know. I felt Allie grab my right leg and I looked over to see Susan grabbing my left leg!  How special that she came in to deliver my second baby!  And just like with Adalyn she made sure I was engaged in the process and aware of what was happening (which is sometimes hard when you’re in pain).  Three contractions, five pushes, and about five minutes later at 4:09am,
Cadence Aubrey was here!  “It’s a girl!!!!” the whole room yelled!!!  The tiny bug was 6 pounds 1oz and 18 inches of pure sugar.


A couple of hours after delivery Adam went home to get some rest and I stayed with the baby. Around noon my mom came up to visit and eat lunch with me.


The hospital had such an influx of deliveries that they were out of rooms. Finally at 2pm I got my postpartum room!


Around 4pm Adam and Adalyn came to visit. Be still my heart.

sisters meeting

That night I stayed by myself with the baby and I had made it known to everyone that I would like to go home on Saturday.  It takes an army to organize a discharge, so I let them know early.  Seems when you have an unmedicated delivery and the hospital is busting with patients, they actually listen and get you outta there!  So Saturday at 4pm me and tiny britches busted out!


It’s so amazing how much you can love two babes. Adalyn wants to hold her a lot and thinks swinging her in the swing is the best. Although sometimes I think Cadence should wear a helmet because Adalyn’s definition of “easy” is a bit off. Cadence is absolutely nothing like her big sister was as a newborn. She’s calm, quiet, an excellent nurser and content with whatever is happening (except diaper changes).  We’re busy and the house is a wreck, but we’re in love.


(The rest of the story is that Friday when Cadence was born my mom (the dental hygienist) developed a tooth ache.  A severe one.  So she was put on antibiotics.  Saturday morning when Adam was supposed to be headed to the hospital he woke up with chills and fever.  lovely.  I sent him and mom to have a flu test at CVS and to get a flu vaccine (which he was asked to get months ago…)  Mom wasn’t sick so she was given the vaccine.  Adam had fever so he couldn’t get the vaccine but did test negative for flu.  He was told it was a virus and to stay away from the baby.  lovely.  I got a box of masks from the hospital and came home to a house full of sick people.  I then called Dr P (at my office) to see what he would do.  He confirmed that the flu tests are showing negative even if it is flu.  He recommended Adam be on Tamiflu and mom be on it as well for prevention since the flu vaccine takes 2+ weeks to be effective.  So back to CVS he went to get more meds.  Adam wore a mask for two days, slept in another room, ate at a different table and stayed at least 15 feet away from me and Cadence.  Mom was busy with Adalyn so my one-woman-show status continued much longer than I had planned.  It’s been a wild ride around here, but we’re all still among the living!  Mom goes home tomorrow and I am not the LEAST bit ready for that to happen.  Adam said she was welcome to move in.  I agree.)